Sep 11-Sep 14: Back to Los Angeles

I’m back in LA for the next couple weeks to clear out everything. It’s been pretty weird being back because the house looks like a time capsule of my own life. Georgia’s stuff and my stuff is in exactly the same place it was when we left in March.

I also seem to have done a poor job taking care of the cold that started around August 30th and have spent the last couple days in bed with a fever. Today I was able to get antibiotics and hopefully will start to feel better soon.

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Sep 7-Sep 10: Back to it

The hills and greenery of Tennessee are really enjoyable. I think I want to be somewhere with green again.

The drive back to Texas was uneventful. The trailer is in for service and Georgia is having a farm vacation at my brother and his wife’s home.

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August 31-Sep 6: On the Road Again

I left Florida a couple days early because of the potential for impending doom.

It’s one of those things… if I left nothing would hit Orlando and if I stayed it would have been as bad as forecast.

I spent the weekend at a campsite in Alabama.

The next adventure is to return to California to clear everything out. But the flight isn’t until September 11th. So I thought I would go and check out Tennessee again. Apparently that angered the tire gods.

I also experienced the stupidity of roadside assistance from USAA and Progressive. They both outsource to another company who ‘lost’ my ticket for nearly 5 hours. Thankfully when someone did arrive he was able to get things fixed up enough that we could get off the highway.

The tire blowout ripped up the electric brake cables, the aluminum side panel and messed the slide gearing up too.

Georgia and I found a hotel and upon tapping the door key we discovered that they had sent us to an occupied room. We left that place and went across the street to another hotel. Georgia didn’t want to get ou of bed in the morning.


The folks at a local RV repair shop were able to replace the tires and do a fix on the slide to at least allow us to limp along. There’s more work that has to be done but that can wait until we get back to Texas.

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July 11-August 30: Bright Suns and Rising Moons

It’s been a bit quiet on here for a number of reasons. The primary one is that I’ve been working overnights to help finish something I started working on back in 2015.

It’s been a weird mix of delight, frustration and accomplishment to see everything alive and working. All together, I’m glad that to have had the chance to see it and to work with the same awesome folks again.

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July 10th: Full Circle

Today I’m back at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It looks like I’ll be sticking around Orlando for a few weeks to help get some stuff done.

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July 7th-July 8th: These Chipmunks Can Talk

Georgia and me are currently staying at The Campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort. I haven’t stayed here before and it’s actually quite larger than you would expect.

The campsites are on the right below the lake.

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 11.15.53 .png

I’m trying to figure out where I’m going to stay for a couple more weeks in the area. The last place I parked at was pretty remote. This is remote in a different way, you’re deep the bowels of Disney magic.

What’s been awesome though is we’ve had a chance to see a number of friends already.

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June 25-July 3: Time Flies

It’s been a great adventure here in Santa Fe. I did my first consulting job (what do you do with all the time you’re not in meetings?), I enjoyed the gay rodeo and pride. I saw friends and took Georgia on new adventures.

Next stop, Orlando?

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June 22: How to make a company in 24 hours

For whatever reason I didn’t mention this on the 19th. I made a new company OttrCo, LLC in about 24 hours.

I have always been a company man and haven’t worked as an independent contractor before. It ends up it’s a bit more complicated than I thought. After reading the contract I saw that I needed insurance. I called my insurance company and they were like…


Now presenting OttrCo, LLC a Close Limited Liability Company of Wyoming. The Squarespace logo generator made me this via automatic generation:

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 15.43.28 .png

So now I have an LLC, insurance and soon a bank account. In the end it probably cost me more than the job. But it’s a good experience to understand how it works when you aren’t a multinational conglomerate.

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June 17: Cowboys in OKC

Today I did laundry and checked out the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. The museum was a mix of immersive set and traditional gallery.

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June 16: ok it’s OK

Today we drove to Oklahoma. I am not sure that I’ve been here before. I think that I finally got the Andersen no-sway hitch correctly setup correctly. It’s very obvious that this trailer is longer and heavier when driving. I really need to pass though a truck scale to make sure the weight distribution is correct. 


Georgia was excited for her new toy too.

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June 8th: Trailer for Sale

Today I prepared the trailer for sale and gave Georgia her first bath in a number of months. She’s fluffy and shedding like a monster.

Since you’re here, you should by my trailer :)

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