May 13th to May 20th: Orlando in Summary

I neglected writing about Orlando. I have an extensive history in the area and wasn’t feeling the daily update. I lived there in 2006-2007 and again in 2013-2015 along with some other short visits and a billion and a half visits to Walt Disney World. I spent the week in the Four Corners area which is technically part of Clermont.

I was able to see a bunch of friends/coworkers during the week who I miss. But more importantly determined that I did the right thing leaving Disney.

It started a little moist on moving day.

But we got situated in the swamp at Thousand Trails. I’ve determined I’m not a big fan of these private equity firm owned campsites. But it seems natural in the city of Amway and Camping World.

I took a trip out to SeaWorld Orlando. I have wanted to check out the penguin experience for a number of years. After going on the roller coasters it was clear where their new priorities land. The dark rides were in need of some work and the coasters were intense. The new water rapids ride with a vertical lift was nifty. Fit and finish isn’t really a thing here but I suppose most people don’t notice.

A particular strange point was that all the coasters don’t permit any loose articles, even a wallet or cell phone. But they want you to pay for a locker for each attraction.

Fishing was fun too.

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