June 7th: Busted Windshield and Trailer Arrives

Our welcome to Texas was a large rock hitting the windshield. The crack grew to be 18”. Unfortunately, the cost to replace was less than my deductible. Safelite wanted a week and a half to do the work but the Ford dealer connected me to another shop that was able to do it today. Because of the ADAS system I still have to get the front facing camera calibrated.

It’s kind of silly though, I’ll have to pay a Ford dealership $100 to enter a single diagnostic code and drive the truck 20 miles on a road with clear lane markings. Some ADAS systems require special markers and a closed shop setup to be re-calibrated. I have FORScan and a OBD adapter but I suppose it’s not a good idea to re-calibrate a safety system yourself.


The old trailer also arrived from NC and I’m trying to figure out the best way to sell it.

Finally, I stopped by the registration/title center in Texas. I was able to get a temporary tag and just have to get the new trailer inspected Monday to get a plate. Hurray!

Tom ArthurComment