Catching up New Mexico to Texas

I think I might get more value out of returning to a format I used once before where i made a post everyday no matter if I did anything particularly interesting.

But first to catch up I’m now in Austin, Texas after a stop in Santa Fe to check out Meow Wolf, a visit to Meteor Crater, a tour though White Sands National monument and a night sleeping in a rest stop because I tried to rush through the nothingness of west Texas.

While leaving Flagstaff you must see the Impact:

Then it was time for New Mexico. We made an overnight pitstop in Grants before making it to Santa Fe. The KOA there might need a new copywriter.

Santa Fe was a neat town, I didn’t expect it to have such a heavy art influence. I had a chance to see some old friends, fight with a evil credit card reader on a washing machine and check out Meow Wolf. House of Eternal Return a bit hard to explain but definitely worth taking a visit to. One of my favorite things was the signage on areas that Guests weren’t authorized to enter. Strange details make things fun.

After we left Santa Fe we stopped in Alamogordo, NM to check out White Sands National Monument.

We then continued on to possibly the least enjoyable part of the trip so far, West Texas. I tried to drive through to Austin but only made it within 125 miles. That’s a 531 mile trip in one day going no more than 62 MPH. I started to feel exhausted and we parked at a rest stop and slept for a good 8 hours before continuing on. Naturally, I can’t get away from ‘Star Trek’ either.

That brings us to Austin. We spent a couple days at a small RV park in South Austin and are now hanging out a few miles out of the city at a quieter location for a few more days. There’s a lot to see here and Georgia even stepped into a lake!

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