Lights, Wind, Snow


Today I’m in Flagstaff, AZ by way of Las Vegas. Current trajectory is Santa Fe.

The week in Las Vegas was a bookend to everything that happened in the last year and it was great to see old friends. Still, a week in Vegas is a bit much. Georgia spent some time at a boarding outfit where they don’t have cages and the dogs play as a community all day.

We also had lunch with a Canadian friend who had never been to Fremont Street. For being such a nervous dog sometimes, Georgia was a natural tourist.


While in Vegas I finished installation of a crappy backup camera. Most of these devices are ‘chinese specials’ and this was the least bad unit I could find. I’m tempted to replace the Wi-Fi unit with a Raspberry PI if I can find a decent USB input card. I’ll eventually make a write up of all the mods.


The hotdog while driving trick is helping Georgia get a bit more comfortable.

Which was good because a high wind advisory made driving to Flagstaff pretty white knuckle. The speed limit was 75 for a majority of the route but I kept around 55 because the wind was throwing the trailer and truck around.

The heater cover again popped out of place but no other significant damage this leg.

Still, 16 MPG isn’t that bad for a significant elevation change. So far it seems like we can travel about 2 hours before needing to stop.

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